How a Felony Conviction Can Affect Your Life

Felony convictions can have severe impacts on your life. Many people don’t know just how far the consequences and reach. While some consequences such as losing gun rights are well known, there are several other things that may come as a surprise to many. In this article we’ll discuss the many ways a felony conviction can affect your life.

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Civil Rights

When convicted of a felony in Arizona your civil rights are suspended. Your civil rights are also suspended in the same manner while incarcerated. These include:

    • The right to vote.
    • The right to possess firearms.
    • The right to hold public office of trust or profit.
    • The rights to serve as a juror

What else does a felony conviction affect?

The consequences of a felony don’t stop at your civil rights, they can be far reaching affecting nearly every aspect of life. These consequences can include, but are not limited to:

Employment Opportunities

In today’s world, most employers run background checks on employment candidates. Many companies will not hire a felon. In addition to this, many types occupational licenses are unavailable to felons.

Rental Homes

Many property owner will not rent to individuals with certain criminal convictions.

Mortgage Loans

Your ability to obtain certain home loans can be affected if you have felony convictions.

Public Benefits

Certain felony convictions can prevent you from getting food stamps and medicaid.


Felony convictions can, and often are used in custody cases. Parents with certain felony drug or DUI convictions can be presumed to be an unfit parent unless otherwise proven.

Military Service

You can’t serve in the US Armed Forces if you’ve been convicted of a felony. However, if your conviction is expunged, set-aside, or pardoned you may have the opportunity to serve again.

Education Assistance

Felony drug convictions affect your ability to obtain grans and certain types of student loans. Depending on how many convictions you’ve had, the time period of these restrictions can vary.

Concealed Weapons Permit

Even if your gun rights have been restored, you may be permanently barred from obtaining a concealed weapons permit.

Housing Assistance / Section 8

Depending on the conviction and the area, a felony may be barred from receiving public housing assistance. This restriction can be temporary or even permanent.

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As a manager at AZ Rights Restoration, John Furman is a strong supporter or the individual freedoms and liberties the Constitution guarantees. 

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