Obtaining Your Criminal Records

The first step in restoring your rights is to know the details of your convictions. If you don't know the information, that's OK! You're not the only one, many of our clients don't have their information. On this page we'll provide you the forms you need and instructions on how to obtain your records.

Who do I contact to get my records?

In Arizona, the Arizona Department of Public Safety assists in providing complete Arizona records. ARS § 41-1750 outlines regulations on this. Alternatively you can visit each individual court that you’ve had cases in, but contacting DPS is faster and more efficient.

How do I get my Records Review?

You can obtain your Records Review by mailing an application to DPS. We’ll outline the process below. We’ve prepared an easy to print PDF file which contains all the forms you’ll need. You can download the Records Review packet by CLICKING HERE. 

Step One:

Complete the Records Review Contact Information Sheet. This information will be used in case DPS needs to contact you about your Records Review. Make sure you use your current phone number and address that you can be contacted at. The form for this is in the PDF packet we’re providing.

Step Two:

Get a full set of fingerprints on the form that’s included in the PDF we’re providing you. You will need a law enforcement agency to do your prints for you. The process can vary a little between different departments so just call your local police non-emergency number and they can give you further information. Some departments will want to use their own fingerprint card rather than the included form in our PDF. That is OK as long as the standard FBI style card.

      • Name
      • Address
      • Signature
      • Social Security Number
      • Descriptive Data (such as height, weight, eye color, etc)
      • Date of Birth
      • Place of Birth
      • All 10 rolled fingerprints
      • The plain impressions including thumbs of both hands
      • The name of the law enforcement agency and the badge or serial number of the official taking your fingerprints
      • Write “RECORDS REVIEW” in the “Reason” box of your fingerprint form.

Step Three:

Include a pre-addressed envelope with your current mailing address on it.

Step Four:

Use an envelope big enough to hold all your forms without bending them. This is critical. If your fingerprint form is folded DPS will not accept it.

Step Five:

Mail everything to:

Arizona Department of Public Safety
Criminal History Records Unit
PO Box 18450
Phoenix, AZ 85005-8450

DPS will mail your Records Review approximately 2 weeks later to the address on your pre-addressed envelope and contact sheet.

Step Six:

After you receive your Records Review, please contact us so we can move forward with your rights restoration, expungement, or set-aside case. You can contact us by phone at (928) EXPUNGE (928-397-8643) or email info@azrightsrestoration.com.

CLICK HERE to download the Records Review Packet

NOTE: As of the time of this writing the above information is correct. DPS can potentially change their process in the future though so it’s always best to call them and double check. Their phone number is (602) 223-2000. It is also important to note that their office was closed to the public during part of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you need to visit them in person make sure you call and ask if they’re open.

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